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“BODYWORKS: Cars, Trucks, Bikes & Tattoos”
May 30, – July 25, 2015
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: BILL SINCLAIR is an area photographer, author, vintage car expert and owner of antique autos. His 1950 Ford was featured on the promotional postcards for the CCCA’s “Furgary” show. He is author and illustrator of the series “Thunder Road Motor Works” and “Woodworker” books. Bill’s career was spent as a technical engineer, automotive mechanic, builder of vintage cars and a race car driver. Bill is an avid WWII historian, airplane enthusiast and memorabilia collector. We are extremely lucky to have Bill as a Board Member of the CCCA and have greatly benefited from his technical expertise in mounting displays and shows.

Exhibiting Artists: Keith Batten, Kristy Bishop, Arlene Boehm, Ken Bovat, C. Michael Bufi, Denise B. Chandler, Gerald Cooley, John Cooley, Chris DeMarco, Olive Farrell, J. Pierre Gontier, Ron Harrington, Karen Hummel, Peter Keitel, Gretchen Kelly, Viktor Klinger, Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, Jeannie LoVullo, Dan McCormack, James Molloy, Cynthia Mulvaney, Chris Petruccio, Daniel Region, R.J. Rosegarten, Trudi Roth, Lori Rothstein, Bill Shaughnasey, Cecelia Sinclair, Paul Solovay, Doug Stalker, Sarah Sterling, Ken Tannenbaum, Scott Taylor, Richard Trachtman, Karl Volk, and Steve Wildermuth.

Jan. 24, – March 21, 2015
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: John Cooley, is a sculptor from Chatham, NY. He has displayed his work in numerous juried shows in the Hudson Valley, Massachusetts and Michigan. He was educated at Syracuse University (BA & MA) and has a Phd from the Universitiy of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is currently Professor Emeritus of English and Environmental Studies at Western Michigan University. Cooley says: &dlquo;I am attracted to three-dimensional art and typically work with wood or other natural materials. I am drawn to the edges of roads and fields, to dilapidated barns and abandoned factories, rich patinas formed by layers of paint or varnish and to the ways in which time alters surfaces with weathering, fading and blending of colors.&drquo;

Exhibiting Artists: C. Michael Bufi, Dot Chast, Janet Cooper, Steven Dono, Julia Fingar, Dennis Herbert, Ellen Jouret-Epstein, Scott Keidong, Jack Kelly, Steve Kubicek, Clarke Olsen, Daniel Region, RJ Rosegarten, Marlene Vidabor.

July 19 – September 19, 2014
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: Maj Kalfus, artist, illustrator and instructor who resides in Copake, NY where she and her husband, Lonny, have their studios in a century old renovated farmhouse. Her paintings and drawings are influenced by an extensive career in the fashion industry.“My work in figuartive art emerged during my years as a fashion illustrator - it is a subject without limits.” After attending the High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, as well as classes at the School of Visual Arts, her career, which began in the field of fashion illustration, evolved into fashion merchandising, marketing and design. Re-entering the world of fine art, she joined the Studio Arts Program at SUNY Empire State College in Chelsea and participated in several shows. Maj has developed a following as an art teacher at the Hudson Opera House, Berkshire Community College and Columbia Greene Community College teaching classes in figure drawing, color and design. She is a member of the Columbia County Council on the Arts where she has exhibited several shows and a member of the Wesport Art Council. Her work has been exhibited throughout Columbia County and can be seen at

Photos above by: Doug Stalker and Susan Sabino

May 24 – July 12, 2014
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: David Lee, Photographer, Hudson Register Star. David Lee, of Chatham, was born and raised in rural Minnesota where he learned at a very early age the technique of gelatin silver photography. His father, a small town doctor, built a darkroom in the basement of their house and introduced him to the alchemy of photography. During his formative college years he studied art history at the University of Minnesota and spent many years working as an art handler for contemporary art at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

He began his career in the “editorial arena” in New York City as an editorial intern for a photography publishing company and later for various museums and galleries. He later came to Columbia County and initially worked as a photographer and an “old- letters –reader” for a local sculptor. This paved the way for his positions in local newspapers in Columbia County where he is currently the photographer for the Hudson Register Star. For the past twelve years he has also taught photography at Berkshire Community College and has exhibited his works in Mohawk-Hudson Regionals and at the Koussevitsky Gallery at Berkshire Community College.

“Through these chapters, I have climbed down from my ivory tower on the last falling strains of my balding pate to walk among the community of which I now consider myself a member” states David.

David’s work in the field of photographing the community of Columbia County gives him the rich background in street photography and you can see his works daily in the Hudson Register Star.


Gallery of Images

March 22 – May 16, 2014
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: Ken Bovat, Jr., Master Photographer Craftsman, is the owner and sole photographer of Photo-Art by Ken Bovat, in Claverack, New York. He began his business in 1976, photographing mostly weddings and environmental portraits, working out of his home. As his business grew, he relocated to an old railroad depot, which he converted into his current studio. His photography consists of weddings, portraits, specializing in High School Seniors, and a small amount of commercial photography.

Jan 18 – March 14, 2014
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: Chris DeMarco, artist/photographer in the Hudson Valley region and adjunct faculty member at The College of Saint Rose. Her works have been shown in regional exhibits and various galleries in the Hudson Valley. She has recently received “Artist Of The Year” award from the Albany Center Gallery. She is the owner of the National Upholstering Design Studio/Gallery in Albany.

Aug. 10 – Sept. 21, 2013
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: K. Velis Turan, mixed media fiber artist living and working in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

June 1 – June 28, 2013
CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY

Juror: Joan Damiani, Columbia County’s well known artist/photographer for her exquisite landscapes and in capturing the daily complexities of life. Her work captures the tapestry of the landscape throughout the county and in her travels in Europe. She has exhibited at local restaurants and cafes in Hudson. Her first gallery, Knapp Hollow Gallery in Hillsdale opened in 2004 and in 2006 she relocated to Hudson and opened J. Damiani Gallery located at 237 Warren St., Hudson, NY.

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